Plan – Construction of Chống Màng Mủ satelite school, Mồ Dề primary and lower secondary boarding school

Tuyết Anh, 3/3/2014

November 2013, Vì ta cần nhau (VTCN) was informed that a group of friends living in Australia would like to sponsor the building of some classrooms in the mountainous area of North Vietnam through Vì ta cần nhau. Resulted from a long process of discussions and considerations, Vì ta cần nhau decided to select Chống Màng Mủ sateliteschool (which belongs to Mồ Dề Primary and Lower Secondary Boarding School) in Mồ Dề commune, Mù Cang Chải District. Later of that month, with assistance from Vì ta cần nhau and related parties, the School Management Board finalized and submitted to the donor the plan and cost estimates for the proposed work.

December 7, 2013, on the way to deliver 764 blankets to boarding schools in Mù Cang Chải District, Ms Lê Bích Thủy and Dương Hương Ly – representatives of the group of friends from Australia, who had also contributed a big part of the cost of goods for the trip – together with members of Vì ta cần nhau visited Chống Màng Mủ to examine the real situation of the school.

February 17, 2014, ParkTrent group officially confirmed their financial support for the construction of Chống Màng Mủ satellite school. Vì ta cần nhau will manage the budget of 10,000 AUD donated by ParkTrent. The use of the above amount will be consulted and agreed with the donor to ensure the highest cost-effectiveness.

As the next step, Vì ta cần nhau will support Mồ Dề Boarding school in constructing Chống Màng Mủ satelite school during the period of 3-4/2014 as in the following plan.



Mồ Dề Boarding school is situated in Mù Cang Chải District, Yên Bái Province. The number of students in the whole school is 703. Students of lower secondary classes study in the main school. In 7 satellite schools there are only primary classes. There are 49 pupils in Chống Màng Mủ satellite school. Currently, apart from the main school which has been built properly (though there is shortage of boarding rooms) the 6 satellite schools are in very poor condition, hot in summer and cold in winter.

Among the satellite schools, the school management board wants to give priority to classrooms in Chống Màng Mủ based on its existing conditions. Chống Màng Mủ is located at 4.5 kilometers from road No 32. The road to that village is just a small path, with many curves and people have to climb up all the time. When the weather is fine, the village is reachable by motorbike. But when it is rainy, the only way to get there is by walking.


Photo: A classroom in Chống Màng Mủ


The cost estimates has been calculated for the construction of two classrooms of tole sheets, the area of each room is 42m2, 5 meter wide and 16.8 meter long. Among the 7 satellite schools, classrooms in Háng Sung have also been constructed in the same way and have been used since 2001 and are still in good conditions.

The construction of two classrooms in Chong Mang Mu and its related items are expected to cost around 10,000 ASD.

Villagers and teachers are committed to contribute as much as possible to the construction of these two classrooms. Namely:

– The transportation of all the materials from the main road to the school. Taking into consideration the distance of 4.5 kilometers and the quantity of goods to be transported, this is quite a big effort.

– Removal of 02 existing classrooms;

– Foundation excavation;

– Ground leveling


Photo: Classrooms in Háng Sung which have been built in a similar way


Right after the donor has agreed to support, the school will immediately start the construction work.

The plan is expected as follows:

­ Removal of 02 existing classrooms 1 day
­ Ground leveling 1 day
Transportation of materials 5-7 days
Construction of classrooms 15-18 days
Inspection for acceptance 0.5 day


After the two parties have agreed on the plan and cost estimates, the donor transfers to the school 50% of the total cost estimates for the construction of classrooms;

During the construction process, if necessary and in the case the school management board can provide necessary supporting documents/vouchers, the donor can advance more. However, the total amount of the advance should not exceed 80% of the total cost estimates;

The contingency should not be more than 5% of the original cost estimates. The school is committed to find other sources to ensure the construction of two classrooms in case the real expense is more than 5% exceeding the cost estimates;

After the acceptance of the construction work, the donor will  pay the rest of the cost estimates based on the real expenditure with the contingency not exceeding 5% of the original cost estimates;


Representative of Vì ta cần nhau: Ms. Ngô Anh Thơ, tel: +84-91-522-8457, e-mail:

Representative of the school: Mr. Hà Trần Hồng, Principal, tel: +84-91-917-9684, e-mail:


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